How Do I get started with GarageTool?

After creating an account, there are 3 things you need to getting started with and before you can create an estimate or quote to send to your customer and get payment from them.  These will be asked for in the getting started wizard:

  1. Shop Location – You will need to enter the location of your shop or where your jobs are being done.  This is mainly for your reference so you know where a job is going to take place and reports.
  2. Product and Services – What products and services do you provide?  This is needed to create a quote/estimate. i.e. Vehicle Wrap, Oil Change, Collision Repair/Estimate, Sign Install
  3. What payments do you accept? – Do you accept checks or credit cards?  This is so you can collect payments from your customers.  If you plan to accept credit card payments from your customers then you will need to already have or setup an account with Stripe, Square, Paypal or Quickbook Payment.  Email us at contact@garagetool.app if you need help with that!

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