How do I create an estimate/quote, send to my customer, collect payment, and start the wrap job?

After creating an account and getting setup through the getting started wizard, just click on the big “Create Quote” button on the dashboard.  From there you will need the following pieces of info:

  1. Your customer’s info (Their name, email)
  2. If there quote/estimate requires a deposit and if so, the deposit amount
  3. What the quote/estimate is for (What product and service) and price of quote/estimate

After you have created the quote/estimate, it will take you to a page to review the quote.  If everything looks good click “Send Email” and your customer will receive the quote. From here you can wait for the customer to make the payment and once they do, it will convert the quote to a job OR you can manually start the job yourself by clicking “Start Job”.

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