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How to Price Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wrap calculations can be complicated. There are many factors that come into play with deciding the final costs of a car wrap job. Depending on the on the type of vehicle and wrap type — full, half, partial, etc, you have to figure how much wrap you need. One thing many car wrap shop owners need is an easy way to do estimates and calculations for a wrap job, which should at least:

1. Calculate how much material they need

2. Calculate how much the wrap job will cost

Car Wrap Dimensions

A car wrap pricing calculator should be able to do that accurately, seamlessly, quickly and also at the same time be user friendly. It will need to have an extensive database of all vehicles’ makes, models, and years or at least the pretty recent ones and their dimensions so square footage an be calculated. So when you select a car by its year, make and model it should be able to calculate the total square footage of the vehicle.

Vehicle Wrap Pricing Calculator: Car Wrap Coverage

Once we have the vehicle square footage, we then need to factor in the type of car wrap and what parts of the vehicle will actually be wrapped. Will it be a full, half wrap, or are we going to just wrap the sides or doors or bumpers? Based on the type of vehicle wrap and the car’s total square footage, the car wrap pricing calculator will need to calculate how much actual wrap coverage is needed.

Vehicle Wrap Material Costs

Once the amount of wrap coverage has been calculated, the vehicle wrap pricing calculator just needs the material or materials that will be used and their costs to calculate the final price of the vehicle wrap. Wrap materials are usually priced by square footage or cost per roll. Rolls can come in various sizes such as 5ft x 1ft (5 square feet) or even up to 5ft x 25yds (375 square feet). Materials cost differently based on type of quality also as high end brands such as 3M and Avery Dennison is more expensive. So based on the wrap material final costs and how much we need to wrap, the vehicle wrap pricing calculator will be able to calculate the final cost of the car wrap.

Finally, now that the car wrap pricing calculator has calculated the final estimate cost, there might be a few adjustments that need to be accounted for. Cars with modifications such as aftermarket spoilers or body kits will need to adjust their estimates based on those parts and add-ons. Also, depending on the skill level of the wrapper, bleed may need to be added to take into account for possible mistakes. the vehicle wrap pricing calculator probably didn’t account for this, since this varies for every person. Then of course, you will need to factor labor costs and the time it will take to do the actual wrap job. Car wrap bleed, instead, can also be factored into labor costs to simplify things. This will also vary according to the skill level and quality of work of the wrapper, and also the complexity of car, as some car have more details to watch out for then other cars, which will make it more complicated and time consuming. Usually, but not always, more high end cars will be more complex to wrap than cheaper cars.

Our car wrap pricing calculator work for standard vehicle makes and models starting from 1980 and also allows the flexibility to adjust for different car wrap skills, modifications and add-ons. It allows you to enter your materials and wrap types, which are then prepopulated when creating an estimate, so that you can don’t have to enter in information again, but can make adjustment accordingly if needed. Once a quote is created with the vehicle wrap pricing calculator, you can then review it, email it, collect a deposit on it, or schedule it as a job. Once scheduled as a job, you and your employees can collaborate on it design and update the progress of it, until it is finally done for the customer.

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